Unicare Ltd has been at the forefront of the textile recycling since first established in 2006. We actively promote how passionately we care about the environment and the pride in which we take in our Eco-friendly and ethical approach which is highly evidenced through our latest venture.

Unicare Ltd is to invest in a ‘fleet’ of textile banks over the coming months which is something we are extremely excited about. Over the most recent years, recycling banks have become a familiar sight within the local environment, installed in car parks, supermarkets, recycling centre and residential areas taking up forms such as textile banks, glass bottle and cans etc.

At Unicare Ltd, we like to take an innovative and ethical approach to textile recycling, so the idea of the textile banks was something we were extremely keen to get involved with. We viewed the textile banks as an opportunity to bring the company forward and aswell as aiding the environment by cutting our carbon footprint and fuel consumption. With door to door collections becoming less and less cost effective with wages and fuel costs going up as well as competition this was an added bonus to helping the environment.

Not only does this new venture pose great benefits for Unicare Ltd but also for the charities and organisations that wish to get involved. The aim is to host the banks on behalf of charities to continue with the monthly donation that we already are able to make to our partner charities. Where the banks are located will help the organisations to whose premises they are located on as it will help with their brand awareness and will develop an eco-friendly image for the business through demonstrating their dedication to supporting the environment and its recycling and the charities that may be involved.

With door to door collections seeing a downturn due to the popularity of project such as cash for clothes where people can make money from their unwanted clothing, a new venture is needed. The textile banks will offer convenience and flexibility for the public as they will be able to recycle whenever they need/want to, and not have to wait to receive a collection bag or for when the cash for clothes team are in their area.

In the banks we will accept good quality, dry and clean textiles along with paired shoes, household textiles, belts, handbags, jewellery and cosmetics.

Watch out for our textile banks coming near you soon! For more information on the textile banks or to find out the location of our banks please do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 249 3008 or email us on


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