Why recycle

Why recycle

Recycling is crucial in today's throwaway society. It is the cleanest, greenest and kindest way to live and it is something that we can all - and should - incorporate into our everyday lifestyles. Most countries in the EU recycle up to half of their household waste, while in the UK we recycle only about 20%.

But thanks to forward-thinking green initiatives and government changes which have been rolled out across the country over the past decade, it is now easier than ever for all of us to recycle.

Almost every household in the UK has regular collection services using colour-coded recycling bins and boxes, and we all have access to local refuse and recycling centres and bottle banks, so there's no excuse not to sort out our plastics, glass, paper....and textiles.

During 2010, the UK threw away over 3.2 million tonnes of textiles, over half of which was clothing - an astounding 55kg per person! That's about the weight of a large Shetland ram! Imagine a sheep-sized pile of textiles for every person in the UK....it's a lot of wasted fabric!

Wasting textiles is unnecessary and creates numerous problems. Man-made fabrics such as nylon and polyester won't decompose. Natural fibres like wool will decompose but in doing so they produce methane gas, which contributes to global warming. Rather than sending them to already over-crowded landfill sites, it makes sense to send these discarded textiles to a good home where they will be gratefully received and reused.

This is where Unicare Ltd comes in. Clothing and textiles accounts for 10% of our environment impact, and we aim to address this issue and minimise the wastage. With just a little bit of coordinated effort now, everyone will be able to reap big rewards later. A cleaner, happier planet for all of us.

Unicare Ltd's exemplary textile recycling service:

  • Saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions (as fewer new goods need to be manufactured)

  • Reduces pollution and the need for landfill sites.

  • Conserves our precious natural resources.

  • Helps people in developing countries as well as underpriviledged families in the UK.

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